What do you wanna know about me? 
Okay, let me put it short.

Heyy, so you can call me your buddy.
Your buddy has suffered a lot in his life in a very young age. 

Betrayed, abandoned, despaired , dumped, pressurised, uninterested and many more.
These things happened almost everyday 
so was used to it. 

Then what did your buddy do? 
First, your buddy tried to take his own life but decided not to give up and fight them.
And Thought of moving on,
Started transforming and improving, mentally.
Talked to friends, kept himself motivated and after facing a lot of huddles finally your buddy learned to escape negative things around him. 

Okay so, people started liking him again

After that I don’t know why people liked to share their mental issues, difficulties, complications in life with your buddy and he also started analysing their issues.
Started observing people and understood them deeply.

Initiated counselling them and tried helping hearts and resolving their mental issues and it turns out that they were just loving it,
Slowly slowly 
They told their friends,
Friends of friends who all were suffering with 
Depression ,stress ,anxiety, 
relationship issues, loneliness or needed motivation in their life, 
To your BUDDY.  

And helped uncountable people and after that thought of taking this ability to a next level because you, yes you matter and also your buddy doesn’t want anyone to be as sad as he WAS. 
So took a chance by placing himself on a platform where thousands of people can connect easily.