A state of mental health that incites feeling worry, anxiety or fear. these are strong enough, sometimes unnaturally existential to disrupt the flow of regular activities. 

characteristics - panic attacks 

                         - OCD

                         - PTSD 


It depends on the experience,

- Of desire ( want something )

- Of aversion ( avoid something )

Positive desires or redirect from negative aversions or aversions from things that are good for you and this has,

- Objective aspect

( a goal or thing of aspiration )

- Subjective aspect 

( you want something to go away )


Any condition or circumstance that leads to the elevation or lowering of persons mood.this may lead to a some what,or overall negativity with in the characteristic of the clinical depression,bipolar disorder .



This is a mental state that can be normal, periodical and in control.

It happens when feelings become excessive and all consuming, thus negatively hindering in daily activities and then it's classified as an underlying disease

Relationship issues

This characterize by PTSD in regards to a relationship experience and is measured by the following factors arguments,communication,growing apart,traumas,appreciation,sex, money,boredom,children. 

stress management.jpg

Stress management

This mostly deals with the techniques to de-stress ( short term & long term ) and includes a wide variety of effective skill sets to control an individual's stress level, especially chronic stress and this conducted in order to improve everyday functioning.

-ve thoughts.jpg
Negative thoughts

A downing of the spirit vibe, which is based on the dominant feelings of fear and apprehension. The negative thought patterns are triggered by fear of the unknown , fear of the inability to cope or anything you generally fear and leading to an obsession with it. And it adversely affects your behaviour

anger management.jfif
Anger management

Anger is quelled by giving other positive releases of energy  that began as a result of frustration or a feeling of being blocked from something that is important to the individual and some of the characteristics are, 

- clenching jaws

- grinding teeth 

- headache 


Obsession - OCD

A state of mental health that leads to repetitive behaviour , termed

''COMPULSIONS'' and is based on excessive thought process ( maybe/ maybe not on a single issue) , termed ''OBSESSIONS''. And some of the characteristics are unreasonable thoughts or fears and it leads to compulsive behaviour.